PHP 5 Fast & Easy Web Development. Julie C. Meloni

PHP 5 Fast & Easy Web Development

ISBN: 1592004737,9781592004737 | 568 pages | 15 Mb

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PHP 5 Fast & Easy Web Development Julie C. Meloni
Publisher: Course Technology PTR

Yii pronounced Yee stands fоr Easy, Efficient аnd Extensible. Yii іѕ easy tо learn, fast, reusable аnd extensible. An event-driven and component-based framework for Web application development in PHP 5. Let's take a look at 40 new useful web development tools and resources in a goodie bag for you, including easy and fast tweaks to forms, snippets of code, documentation at your fingertips, fonts, and cheat sheets. Unlike the verbose text-only chapters found in most programming books, the Fast & Easy Web Development style appeals to users who are new to PHP, or to programming in general. With just 27kb, PHP5 OOP and jQuery powered it also very fast and looks also good.” of new web development tools to save developers and designers time , energy, and headaches. PHP 5 framework for web application development. Zend Framework A complete framework Fusebox Fusebox is a lightweight, high-performance web application framework for building applications that are easy to maintain and easily extensible. It is fully name-spaced and uses enterprise application design patterns, with built-in support for localization and configuration at all levels. It also should work fine for PHP development in general. 1 Introduction; 2 Choosing a code editor; 3 Choosing a web server; 4 Choosing a Debugging tool; 5 Choosing a Version Control System; 6 Choosing a project build system; 7 Choosing a project management system; 8 Considerations for your future as developer; 9 Documentation This article provides detailed instructions for setting up your workstation as a PHP development environment, not only for Joomla! Yii іѕ а high-performance framework fоr developing Web 2.0 applications іn PHP 5. They found that clients not only request frequent changes of Wordpress and Joomla websites, but also demand a Wordpress or Joomla installation during website development. Is really easily: You have just to upload one file, follow the introductions and that's it! Mach-II An object-oriented MVC A very flexible, powerful and fast MVC based framework for developing any type of web project in Perl. This entry was posted in php and tagged crap, dummies books, good books, notepad, Scripting, thoes, web design.

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